Doomsday Preppers: Wackos or saviors?

Image Source: Discovery Channel’s “Doomsday Bunkers,” Episode 1

No technological tool has yet been invented to accurately predict the future. But terrorist attacks, wars, economic instability, civil unrest and environmental disasters of the recent past have generated a subculture of “Doomsday Preppers,” people who spend untold amounts on things like survival bunkers, weapons, food and water stockpiles in hopes that their devout preparations will exempt them from what they believe to be a looming mass disaster.

The television series “Doomsday Bunkers” on the Discovery Channel sheds light on the subculture, but also the feats of engineering that go into creating survival bunkers meant to withstand flooding, hurricanes and zombie invaders.

Shea Degan, founder and CEO of 88 Tactical, which was featured in one of the show’s episodes, has made a living training ordinary civilians to be elite zombie apocalypse survivors.

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