Jade Rabbit has landed


It’s been nearly four decades since the last time anyone visited and landed on the moon (wow). On Sunday, China successfully landed their first unmanned rover (The Yutu, or Jade Rabbit) on the moon. China is now the third nation after the United States and the then-Soviet Union to launch a moon mission.  From the perspective of space exploration, this is a monumental achievement for any nation, which even Al Gore acknowledged in a recent statement via Twitter: “Congratulations to China on reaching the moon with its rover — an impressive soft landing!”

Of course, China’s space exploration has deep political undertones as China continues to flex and assert its economic, military, and industrial muscle around the world. Although such things are always mired in political and economic ambition, a new era of space exploration among nations for global status is always preferential to the fruitless wars that currently ravages our planet.


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