Ripsaw: Unmanned tank of death


Drones flying above any number of remote villages in far off lands have garnered plenty of criticism for botched missions involving the death of innocent civilians mistakenly identified as terrorists by operators unfamiliar with indigenous customs. But no need to worry. Instead of taking a moment to reassess the use of UAVs (unmanned air vehicles), the military brass is pressing forward with the development of sophisticated land based drones to wreck additional havoc. Meet Howe & Howe Technologies‘ Ripsaw, the fastest line of UGV (unmanned ground vehicles) to date. At 9,000 pounds and capable of accelerating to 65 mph in 3 seconds, the Ripsaw is one of the deadliest tracked vehicles currently in development. The Ripsaw can carry 2,000 pounds of load and is equipped with multiple cameras for 360-degrees of viewing coverage. With two working models, the MS1 and MS2, the Ripsaw can either be remotely controlled or operated by two crew members.

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