The new era of sponsored data


Are we losing indefinitely the internet that we all know and love? After years of debate, the FCC’s Open Internet rules on net neutrality were struck down today in federal court. Net neutrality advocates fear that the ruling may usher in a new era of tiered internet service. FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, a former lobbyist for the telecom industry who has stated that he is against the regulation of broadband internet, supports the changes.

Disguised as a gift to the consumer, the biggest data providers have proposed to offer certain content for free, without affecting your data plan, while larger websites must pay for sponsored data to boost the bandwidth necessary to provide that content seamlessly to consumers. It is feared that the websites who pay for the boost will take precedence over those that did not, thus pushing out the smaller companies and web sites who cannot afford to pay higher rates for faster broadband.

Many believe, and rightfully so, that giant media conglomerates will dominate the internet and reduce the experience as we know it to something akin to cable television.

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