The 4-season ATASD amphibious vehicle of awesome


Canadian company “Interconn Development Ltd.” has developed a multipurpose hover craft called the Amphibious Trimaran with Aerostatic Discharge, or ATASD for short.

With a 140 horsepower 2.0-liter Ford Duratec engine and a main propulsion fan with two smaller fans for lift, the ATASD is capable of reaching 55 mph on water and 75 mph on snow. 

Although traditional air propelled vehicles suffer from a whole host of vulnerabilities, such as instability in the face of high wave and wind conditions, and a high probability of sustaining significant damage to the metal or fiberglass hull due to surface friction, the ATASD’s unique “aerostatic discharge” system allows it to “float around on a cushion of air,” reducing friction and increasing speed. The ATASD can also operate in temperatures as low as -58 degrees Fahrenheit.


This multipurpose vehicle is also built with a high degree of design and functionality. Weighing only 1,190 pounds for increased fuel efficiency, the ATASD sports a removable open deck for a convenient loading and off-loading experience, which can also hold 9 standing people, not including the pilot. During winter or rainy seasons, the ATASD can also be fitted with a cabin-style tent that can be heated and lighted as needed.


But perhaps the best part of the ATASD is its accompanying promotional video set against a Russian disco-tech beat. Pure gold.

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