The stunningly beautiful micro-worlds of Daniel Stoupin


Instead of waving a tattered petition sheet to grab the attention of hurried Sunday shoppers about the importance of preserving the Great Barrier Reef, University of Queensland PhD student Daniel Stoupin uses the power of photography and macro video to help others realize the sheer beauty of ocean life, and why addressing climate change and pollution can no longer wait.

What’s remarkable about Stoupin’s work is the depth of detail he’s able to capture when featuring coral reefs, sponges, and other aquatic wildlife. In one of his most stunning pieces of work, Stoupin shot approximately 150,000 photographs to create a macro video of corals and sponges bursting with movement as they grow and interact with their underwater environments.

Stoupin also makes expert use of a full-spectrum lamp that “[imitates]natural ambient light, bringing out fluorescent colors that are not apparent under white light” when taking underwater pictures.  These vivid images of various corals and sponges Stoupin hopes will inspire others to take action in helping preserve Earth’s fragile ecosystem.

Here are a few examples taken from Stoupin’s blog.







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