One of Europe’s largest universities gets a make-over


Founded in 1898 with the intention of stimulating the economy of the Austro-Hungarian empire, the Vienna University of Economics and Business, or WU for short, is today one of Europe’s largest schools focusing on business, economics, and social science. It is also the highest ranked university of its kind in Europe.


Even more impressive is the completion of WU’s relocation near the Prater, a public park in Leopoldstadt. Under the direction of architect Laura P. Spinadel, several architectural firms from Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Austria participated in the design of the new campus. The new WU is an impressive example of modern architecture representing the perfect blend of form and function.


The construction of this new campus, which was completed in 2013, cost a total investment of 492 million Euros (or $683,880,000).


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