The 007 Lotus Esprit ‘Submarine Car’


Built by British car manufacturing company Lotus in 1976, the Lotus Esprit originally replaced the Europa sports model series.


Lotus Europa Series 1 1967

The Lotus Esprit was made famous in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, and most notably featured in a chase scene on the Italian island of Sardinia.


The following chart provide’s the Esprit’s original specs:


Although not available to the average consumer, the Esprit was designed to function underwater specifically for scenes shot in the James Bond film.


Interesting fact: The original stunt driver for the film was not able to learn how to handle the Esprit in a manner that was impressive for a scene, prompting the director to consider replacing the car. Fortunately, Lotus engineer Roger Becker, who was familiar with the Esprit’s handling, was given the opportunity to drive and properly showcase the car’s ability to take sharp turns, make sudden stops, and burn rubber.



The previous two images were taken from RM Auctions.

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