Amazon’s debut phone hopes to revolutionize the smartphone market


At first glance, Amazon’s new phone looks like a discarded Nokia Lumia prototype. However, what you are seeing is the prototype for the new Amazon phone in an unsightly and discreet enclosure. This phone sports a 4.7 inch touch screen and is rumored to use the Android operating system. And don’t be fooled by the hard shell disguise, this clunky looking phone appears to be quite slim.


The web is understandably abuzz with rumors and speculation, with the most interesting being the phone’s six cameras. According to various sources, there is the usual rear camera for every-day photos, the front-facing “selfie” camera, and four more front-facing cameras. (If you look closely at the featured image above and the photo below, you will notice tiny round cameras in each corner of the screen.) This is where it gets interesting. Amazon’s new phone will have a glasses free 3-D screen that will make iOS7’s “parallax effect” look like the trickery that it is. With the four extra front-facing cameras, the new Amazon phone will track the user’s face and eyes in real time, while making adjustments to the screen as necessary to provide the 3-D image using screen technology that is similar and superior to Nintendo’s 3DS.

o-AMAZON-PHONE-5703Although the first few versions of the Kindle were arguably a study in perfection given the technology available and the desired price-point, Amazon’s more recent products have often left much to be desired. And while many reviewers regard Amazon’s tablets as good enough for the average consumer, it’s obvious they lack the sexiness and prestige of a Galaxy Tab or an iPad Air. This time, Amazon appears to have taken their time designing this phone and it is certainly exciting to see them pushing the envelope right out of the gate. It is only a matter of time before Apple, Nokia, and Samsung release their versions of this kind of face-tracking 3-D display, but unless they come out with something soon, it looks like Amazon will be the standard-bearer in smartphone design. One thing is for sure; this bold leap in technology will take the mobile phone in new and exciting directions.


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