The most ambitious space flight simulator for your inner pilot


Citizen Star creator Chris Roberts recently provided a demo showcasing one of the most ambitious and promising space flight video games ever made.

Held before a motley crowd of scraggly-bearded video game enthusiasts, developers, and space flight junkies, Roberts’ live demonstration of space flight was met with plenty of applause, gasps, and jaw-dropping stares at a pre-PAX East event in Boston. Although still incomplete and full of bugs, the crowd was rewarded with plenty of impressive specs and views as the game’s aircraft navigated through asteroid fields, shot at enemy spacecraft, and cruised through debris.

Employing 212 people and having surpassed a budget of $39 million, Citizen Star is one of the most highly anticipated (the promise of Oculus Rift integration is also on the horizon) and increasingly delayed games of 2014.

Watch the demo:

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