Exploring the hidden mysteries of the world unseen to the naked eye


Dedicated to discovery and innovation, FEI designs and manufactures high-performance microscopes to help scientists study the otherwise hidden mysteries of materials, electronics, and life on “the micro-, nano-, and picometer scales.”

Here are just a few amazing images taken (and sometimes color-enhanced) using FEI’s high-performance microscopy:

1. Butterfly Wing by Gerald Poirier (featured image)

Butterfly wings display some of the most stunning and richly arrayed colors in the insect world.

2. Geraniumdi by Ricardo Antonelli


Pollens come in all shapes and sizes, and are among the most adapted structures on the microscopic scale.

3. Bacteriophage T4 virus by Thom Sharp


Virus’ are classified as non-living; however, when you see them in action this close and personal, comparing them to a platoon on the offensive doesn’t seem all that far fetched.

4. Mosquito eyes by Oliver Meckes


Most cringe at the thought and sight of a mosquito, after-all, they suck our blood and keep us up all night with their incessant buzzing. That said, they too exhibit hidden beauties. Here, each shimmering purple globe is an eye scientists are studying to learn how to develop advanced lenses.

5. Phoretic Nano-swimmers by David McCarthy


These synthetic, coiled structures are being developed to aid in drug delivery, demonstrating our ability to craft complex materials on the nano scale.

6. Gold on Tantalum Surface by Wadah Mahmoud


Since gold is all the rage these days, here’s an image of a flake of gold for all you gold investors.





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