These top ten rare weather phenomena are awe-inspiring


Nature never ceases to amaze, and thanks to an ever growing number of digital devices to document the world around us, more seldom occurring natural phenomena are being captured.

1. Featured image

The featured image of Japan’s Mount Sakurajima volcano was taken by Martin Rietze. Because volcanic plumes are rife with electrical charge and static, the possibility of causing a sudden lightening storm is not unlikely.

2. Fire rainbows

These swirling, arching rainbows are the result of light reflecting from ice crystals that permeate in high level clouds.


3. Asperatus clouds

These roiling, richly layered clouds were only recently discovered in 2009.


4. Catatumbo lightening

Venezuela provides one of the most spectacular lighting storms in the world. Located near the mouth of the Catatumbo river, these vibrant displays of lightening can last up to 10 hours and can include 280 strikes of lightening.


5. Lenticular clouds

These layered clouds form when there is a lot of moisture in the air flowing over a mountain.


6. Fire whirls

Forget about tornadoes and hurricanes, the sight of an approaching whirling flame will strike fear into the hearts of any veteran firefighter. Fire whirls occur went turbulent winds meet intense heat.


7. Sun Dogs

No, this is not an off-kilter alien target symbol, but a shimmering semi-arch caused when ice crystals in the atmosphere magnify sunlight.


8. Snow Donuts 

These are formed when wind tumbles chunks of snow along the ground, eventually growing into larger chunks whose weak, inner layers fall out.


9. Morning Glory clouds

Chemtrails these are not, but an extremely rare cloud formation that is most often seen during the fall in a small Australian town called Burketown.


10. White Rainbows

When we think of rainbows, we undoubtedly imagine vibrant arches of color. Well, there is also such a phenomenon known as “White Rainbows”, formed during fog whose condensation reflects at best weak colors.


For additional rare weather phenomena, check out Distractify’s amazing 17 image collection.


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