UFO sightings over Area 51 during the 1990s explained


The US Air Force is always testing new technology. Unfortunately, most aircraft enthusiasts have to rely either on accidental sightings after long stake-outs near suspected airfields designated for highly classified projects, or on second-hand reports coming from UFO sightings.

During the 1990s, Boeing began working on a highly secretive aircraft called the Bird of Prey that was part of the Phantom Works program. The Bird of Prey was never meant for mass production, but to test and pioneer several new technologies, many of which are now the standard for most airplanes flying today.

Undoubtedly, the Bird of Prey’s unusual design inspired several civilian UFO sightings.

Wing a wing span of 23 feet and measuring 47 feet long, this 7,400 pound single-seater jet was flown for testing purposes only from 1992 to 1999. Some of the features that were unique to the plane at the time include hydraulics, single-piece composite structures, and active camouflage that could change color to match its environment.

Image credit: Salceanu Madalina

Image credit: Salceanu Madalina

(featured image credit: Boeing)

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