Newly-released game-play footage confirms Bungie’s upcoming “Destiny” will be awesome


Fans of the massively successful Halo franchise mourned when its maker Bungie decided to pass the torch and depart from Microsoft. Fortunately, Microsoft went on to create a new Halo development studio, 343 Industries, which has done an admirable job continuing the Halo series.

But with Bungie on its own, anticipation surrounding its next video gaming effort, Destiny, has grown to a frenzy.

Destiny’s initial appearance looked promising; however, recent game-play footage and screenshots confirm that Bungie will yet again take the gaming industry to the next level.

Destiny is a next generation first person shooter set in a “mythic science fiction” open world setting. It will also be one of the largest online multi-player games to be released. Special Note: For those of you who do not own an Xbox One or PS4, Bungie has also decided to release Destiny on the PS3 and 360. Unfortunately, Bungie has yet to announce plans to add a PC port, which is disappointing.

Check out these screenshots and prepare to drool.

destiny 1

destiny 7

destiny 6

destiny 2

destiny 3

Here are 25 minutes of game play footage (warning, spoiler alert):


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