Will China succeed in building an underwater railway to America?


China’s plan to build an 8,000+ mile underwater high-speed railway to America is an ambitious project, and one that would require crossing several countries and continents. According to an Industry Tap article, the source of this railway would begin “on the north side of China in Beijing, run through Siberia and travel 125 miles underwater spanning the Bering Strait, then through Alaska and Canada before ending its route in New York City.” Altogether, the trip would take only 2 days.

Although the engineering feat required to accomplish such a project may be decades away, it’s certainly feasible to imagine a time when all major continents are connected by high-speed rail, or perhaps by some kind of advanced system of travel (e.g. Elon Musk’s Hyperloop).

To put things into perspective, consider 2014 as being 1914 in terms of technological progress for the 21st century.

Image credit: Andrii Lurlov

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