Russian-built Mi-26 helicopter is the world’s largest


Part of the ultra-heavy lift industry, the Russian-built Mi-26 helicopter is the world’s largest of its kind, whose “power and payload capacity is double that of the U.S. Army’s CH-47 Chinook helicopter.

Affectionately called the Halo, the Mi-26 helicopter has an 11,000 horsepower turbo-shaft engine that can carry approximately 44,000 pounds of cargo for a range of 500 miles.

Image credit: Wikipedia Commons

Image credit: Wikipedia Commons

The Halo’s height reaches three stories, and its rotors span 40.025 m (131 ft 3¾ in) in length.

Watch the Halo demonstrate its strength by lifting and carrying a mid-sized jet airliner.

The Mi-26 was the first single, eight-blade main rotor helicopter, and took its first ever flight in 1977.

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