SpaceX launches smallest satellites ever built into orbit


Yesterday, SpaceX launched 103 of the world’s smallest satellites into orbit for testing. These micro satellites weigh just five grams, cost only $25 to produce, and seem fully equipped for permanent orbit. Each of these tiny satellites contains a microprocessor, two aerials, a solar cell, a magnetometer (to measure both the strength and the direction of a magnetic field in space), a gyroscope (for direction), and a radio strong enough to send a signal back to Earth.

SpaceX itself did not create these nano satellites. Zac Manchester of Cornell University is the man behind their creation and development, which was funded by a campaign on Kickstarter, a crowd funding website.

With video confirmation that SpaceX successfully pulled off the nearly impossible Falcon 9 landing (link below), the sky is obviously not the limit for the private rocket firm headed by Elon Musk. SpaceX also has a 1.6 billion dollar contract with NASA to launch unmanned Dragon cargo ships to the International Space Station.

Image captured from the SpaceX rocket just moments before landing in the ocean

Image from the SpaceX rocket just moments before splashing down into the ocean


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