Why call a cab when you can ride your luggage?


This creative Chinese farmer has invented a motor-powered suitcase that can travel up to 12.5 miles an hour. Gone are the days when travelers have to worry about running late for their flights; just hop on the Suitcasemobile and get to your terminal in no time. Though it seems unlikely that the TSA will approve luggage like this, the inventive farmer from Hunan province was awarded patents for the motorized luggage that took him ten years to develop.

Before you know it, travelers around the world will empty their pools for just a few minutes of adrenaline with their Bottega Veneta. Youtube will be flooded with videos of daredevils busting out whiplashes on their Victorinox while grinding the rubber rails of moving walkways, and leather-clad Triad’s will terrorize the streets of Macau in their glistening, turbo-powered Samsonites. This is the dawn of motorized luggage. Someone needs to call Nitro Circus, Ryan Williams, Tony Hawk, and Garret Reynolds. The Suitcasemobile could be a real hit.



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