Watch the latest “Interstellar” trailer


Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Interstellar, starring Matthew MacConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and Michael Caine, is set for release on November 7th, 2014.

This all-star cast promises to deliver a host of great performances, and with Christopher Nolan on board, a compelling story is all but guaranteed. According to IMDB, the film is about a group of scientists who embark on exploring a newly discovered wormhole, transcending the limitations of interstellar space travel on humans. The film’s most recent trailer seems to suggest some type of doomsday scenario which forces mankind to leave Earth.


Christopher Nolan is the man behind the latest Batman trilogy, whose second installment, The Dark Knight (2008), holds the number 4 spot on IMDB’s top 250 greatest movies of all time. But Nolan’s range as a director and writer extends well beyond the Batman series. He’s also the director of the widely popular films Inception (2010), the cult-classic hit Memento (2000) and The Prestige (2006), each of which also holds spots on IMDB’s top 250 greatest movies of all time.



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