AirType’s keyless keyboard lets you type on any surface


Forget attachable keyboards and avoid the annoyance of cramping your fingers when typing on the surface of a tablet, Texas-based hardware and machine learning start-up AirType is developing devices that fit across your knuckles and promise to learn the movement of your fingers to discern the manner in which you are intending to tap keys on any surface, real or imagined.

Resembling a pair of clamps, the AirType fits in the palm of your hand and can be easily transported by wrapping them around the edges of your laptop. The AirType also features “dynamic text prediction and correction to your typing experience.”


Of course, it remains to be seen how the experience of typing on a surface without the responsiveness of keys will successfully replicate the accuracy and the tactile satisfaction of a full-sized keyboard.

Click here to watch the company’s video demonstration.

All images and quote sourced fromĀ AirType

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