DARPA to create a portable and expandable defensive barrier


The sleuths over at io9 uncovered a rather titillating source of information about the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) plan to provide soldiers on the ground the ability to deploy a defensive barrier against advancing enemy with nothing more than a touch of a button or the pulling of a tab.

DARPA’s project, nicknamed¬†Block Access to Deny Entry (BlockADE), envisions a device less than a meter in diameter and no more than three meters in length that can “provide expansion ratios of several orders of magnitude, while maintaining sufficient properties to block or slow access to a specified area (e.g., mechanical strength for solid barriers, stickiness or sharpness for web or briar-like barriers, capacity to self-weld or self-assemble, etc.).”

This portable defensive barrier will also be fully retractable and capable of withstanding the force of bullets, rockets, and your wife’s fist the next time you forget to flush the toilet.

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