Dark Souls creator FROM Software leaks Project Beast gameplay footage


FROM Software is a Japanese video game company who brought us Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and just a few weeks ago, Dark Souls II. Recently, FROM Software released gameplay footage of their latest work in progress, ‘Bloodborne’ (also known as Project Beast), which has set the gaming world into a frenzy.

Excitement surrounding the announcement and preview of ‘Bloodborne’ is growing for two reasons. First, ‘Bloodborne’ is a new Souls-style game, signaling the continuation of an already well established franchise that only seems to be getting better with each new iteration. Second, and perhaps most exciting, is that ‘Bloodborne’ is being created by the highly talented software developer and director Hidetaka Miyazaki, who also developed the masterpieces Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls 1.

This is tremendous news given the controversy surrounding Miyazaki’s inexplicable removal as lead developer and director of Dark Souls II. Although Dark Souls II turned out to be a fantastic game, the lack of Miyazaki’s ‘touch’ was noticeable to most fans familiar with the previous two games (look for my forthcoming review and guide of Dark Souls II once all of the DLC’s are released). There is no doubt Project Beast will be just as bloody and hellish as the other Souls games (if not more), although Miyazaki himself has confirmed that it is NOT a Souls game.

Project Beast seems to be treading new ground, as it’s being developed in a new style and setting. Additionally, there is a strong possibility that this game will be exclusive to the PS4 as Sony and FROM are well aware that this game will most likely be one of the “system sellers”. Even with the Sony logo at the beginning of the official trailer below, there is no confirmation that it will remain a PS4 exclusive, though it’s still a wonder as to why Demon’s Souls, the first Souls game, remains exclusive to the PS3 while Dark Souls and Dark Souls II are multi-platform games.

The official trailer for ‘Bloodborne’ (Project Beast):

The game mechanics of Project Beast look quite similar to a Souls series game, with ghastly demonic creatures, the undead swarming your character at every turn, and the ability to back step or roll out of harm’s way. All of these included features are what fans of the Souls series loved best. The key difference is the setting of The Beast. Rather than an extremely dark and nightmarish medieval fantasy setting, The Beast is a darker, twisted, and nightmarish version of Victorian London, infested with a similar, but different looking demonic presence. Scarce information is known about this current work in progress, but from the video and screenshots, it will likely be a devilishly fun (and incredibly bloody) action-RPG-horror game.

Enjoy this video of the supposedly leaked gameplay footage:


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