Harley-Davidson announces its first ever electric hog


Harley-Davidson unveiled its first electric motorcycle called Project LiveWire, which kicks off its promotional tour next week on June 23 at a Manhattan dealership.

True to its loyal customer base, Harley-Davidson will use the tour to solicit feedback from fans to improve the final version of the electric hog. The tour will cover 30 dealerships around the United States, and will extend into Canada and Europe in 2015.

The company states that the experience of riding its electric hog will be just as iconic as its gas-guzzling counterpart. A teaser video (shown below) seems to hint that LiveWire sports the sound of a jet engine as opposed to the characteristic guttural noise of the traditional hog. The electric motorcycle is powered by a battery pack that requires a docking station, which the company states it will install around the country.

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