New technology helps firefighters see through flames and smoke


Italian researchers working for CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche), or the National Research Council, are developing infrared holography technology to help firefighters see through flames and smoke.

Although firefighters already have similar technology at their disposal, the infrared (IR) monitors currently in use can only see through smoke, and even then the camera’s zoom lens is easily blinded once the infrared radiation emitted by flames reaches a certain intensity, interfering with the lens’ sensor responsible for constructing images.

To circumvent the issue, researchers developed an alternative, lens-free technique that uses a beam of infrared laser light to scan the entirety of a particular area engulfed by flames. When these infrared beams reflect off any person or object in the room, the returning information is processed and decoded by a holographic imager.

Even more important is the fact that this new technology can recreate holographic images of people and objects in motion, something that has never been achieved previously.

Check out these diagrams and examples of this new technology at work.

Image credit: Optic Express

Image credit: Optic Express

Image credit: Optic Express

Image credit: Optic Express



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