InfoComm 2014 Exclusive: LG’s 105″ Ultra HD curved display


Here we have LG’s first 105″ Ultra HD 4K curved display.

4K displays are a giant leap ahead of the current 1080p technology, but with little content available in this resolution, they still have a low adoption rate.¬†Many 4K TV’s¬†include upscalers that stretch the data in each pixel of the HD video so it will fill the entire 4K screen. Consequently, many say the HD video on a 4K set will look sharper and more vibrant when compared to 1080p. However, others will argue that the processor intensive upconversion may occasionally have a hiccup, causing pixilation. Regardless of these arguments, when seen up close this curved LG screen looks absolutely amazing and in time will be the standard in home entertainment.

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