LG’s 47″ multi-touch transparent LCD screen: A look into the future



With several exciting projects in the works, LG is fast becoming one of the leaders in commercial display technology. At Infocomm 2014 in Las Vegas, one of the more interesting products on display was LG’s multi-touch 47″ translucent LCD screen, representing the next big leap in commercial displays.

Neither a home television set nor a vending machine door, LG’s multi-touch LCD screen offers the storefront experience of the future. Although it remains a work in progress, and limited to only 70% of the color range that we are currently used to in an HD display, it is easy to envision what a product like this is leaning towards. In the video above, viewers get a glimpse of what this screen is capable of. Below, we explore a few more possibilities.

The future

Imagine an interactive, larger-than-life ad display, capable of showing off products and commercials in ultra high-definition 3-D. The store-front of your favorite clothing store could have an hourly showcase: a semi-transparent spectacle of slender models displaying attractive seasonal clothing and other accouterments displayed across several large windows. A customer could approach a storefront and search directly from the screen, bringing the Amazon experience to the department store. They could order items for delivery or search the wares within the store itself without having to walk inside. With technologies like Near Field Communication (NFC) and Apple’s fledgling iBeacon, store fronts could communicate directly with the vast data on our smartphones and determine which ads are most suited to the current passersby. The options are endless.

Also, imagine a smart refrigerator with a see-through touchscreen panel that becomes transparent when approached, revealing the contents within, and going dark when in standby mode to prevent exposing the food to outside light. With the ability to see inside, maintaining the internal temperature will be more efficient because the door will be opened less during those senseless trips to the fridge or during that late night snack raid. With the help of QR Codes or barcode readers inside, one could approach the fridge, ask it a question directly and the fridge would tell them if the item was available. The touch panel could help you maintain shopping lists and assist with your diet by programming it to restrict your eating habits.

Transparent touch screens could be applied in many ways that have not yet been considered. LG’s forward thinking research and development team is still hard at work perfecting this technology, and they are moving in an exciting direction.

LG's 47" Transparent LCD prototype

LG’s 47″ Transparent LCD prototype

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