Watch the ‘Shockwave Jet Truck’ tear up the track


Fire and smoke billow violently from the Triple Jet Engine Monster’s exhaust-charred stacks as bulbs of concentrated fire burst forth from three Pratt & Whitney J34-48 jet engines that power inventor Les Shockley’s modified┬áPeterbilt semi-truck.

First built in 1984, the Triple Jet Engine Monster is currently owned by Darnel Racing Enterprises and regularly tours several Military Airshows.

It’s truly an awesome sight to behold, as veteran driver Neal Darnell steers this gas guzzling Monster across the racetrack to reach a speed of 300 mph in 11 seconds, and topping off at a maximum speed of 400 mph.

With added afterburners, the Monster “has six times the power of a jet airplane engine.” Unfortunately, the Monster has no chance of winning any eco-friendly engineering awards as it consumes 180 gallons of fuel with each run.


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