World’s first pants with front pockets that can wirelessly charge your phone


If you are seeking to elevate your inner hipster, or just fancy the idea of being able to charge your phone each time you slip it into your pants pocket, then British designer Adrien Sauvage’s ‘Modern Man’ chinos are for you.


Developed in collaboration with Nokia (Microsoft Mobile), the ‘Modern Man’ trousers sport pockets that can wirelessly charge your Nokia Lumia smartphone (provided it has a 2,400mAh battery) “with a Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate that’s woven into the front pocket of the trouser.

trousercharging plate

Unfortunately for the non-hipster, these pants are quite pricey, slated for a $350 Amazon price tag. Perhaps the smarter ones among us will just wait until someone finds a way to create a portable version that can be custom fitted for any type of pants, jeans or even shorts.

Images sourced from Nokia

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