The Big Wheel graduates to motorized trike drifting for pure awesome


Originating in New Zealand in 2009, trike drifting is a recreational sport that’s increasing in popularity around the world and inspiring DIYers everywhere to customize these bikes with gas and electric motors, larger wheels, and specialized frames for pavement shredding fun.

First popular among adrenaline junkies seeking to drift downhill not unlike the soapbox car racing culture of San Francisco, trike drifting is being taken to a whole new level by Florida-based Tortuga Trikes.

Tortuga’s trikes have a 6.5-hp motor with a top speed of 30 mph (48 km/h). Opting for a rear-wheel drive, the Tortuga trike can run on any gasoline and gets about 40-50 miles per tank. Other features include a 20-inch front wheel with A-brakes, a steel frame, and a choice of up to 10 colors.

Watch this video to rekindle your inner-child:

The company hopes to market these sometime in 2014 with a base model starting at $1,750 (prices to vary).

Via Gizmag

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