Boston Dynamics’ Sand Flea robot jumps to overcome obstacles


Google’s Boston Dynamics has developed an unassuming, eleven pound robot that is capable of jumping 30 ft into the air. Dubbed the Sand Flea, this little robot is not only able to jump on the roof of a single story building, it is also capable of precision jumps of varying height, sending it through windows and doors.

Developed with funding from DARPA and the U.S. Army’s Rapid Equipping Force, the Sand Flea moves around like a well-made RC car, but when the operator wants to get to a higher position, the robot props itself up and fires a piston into the ground, sending it soaring through the air.

The Sand Flea is able to jump about 25 times per charge, uses gyro stabilization to stay level during flight and to ensure a smooth landing, and is equipped with an on-board camera to provide a clear view for the operator.

Outfitting the Sand Flea with a weapons delivery system and multiple cameras will turn this little beast into a potent and highly maneuverable weapon for the military and surveillance industries.

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