Watch artist Dan Toth’s brilliant portrait mode video triptych


Somewhere, right now, there is a person taking a picture or recording a video with their smartphone in…wait for it…portrait mode. For many photographers and film-makers, portrait mode is only acceptable when taking a selfie. However, if you are capturing a special moment in portrait mode, it goes without saying that the camera snobs around you will be rendered speechless, itching to interfere, and privately praying you’ll fix your camera settings.

Typically, the portrait mode user is oblivious to the artistic and aesthetic limitations to which they have committed themselves. The only exception to this rule is a spontaneous moment that demands a quick response, otherwise the image desired may be lost forever. Still, the camera  snobs can’t help but wonder, “Does this person realize they are missing out on a better shot if they were filming in landscape mode?” Although the portrait mode shooter may very well intend to view or watch the finished product only on their smartphone or tablet, these oddly framed, cringe-inducing, and dare I say, unprofessional pictures and videos often find their way on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Vine.

Today, Gizmodo posted a video (shown below) by Dan Toth who not only proves that portrait mode shooters can indeed create highly artistic film and image montages, but will also likely inspire others to mimic his sense of artistic imagination and techniques. By creating a video triptych of his hometown of Queens, New York, Dan Toth proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the artistic value of portrait mode shooting.

Check out the video below and decide for yourself.

Although this process may take some patience and a bit of editing magic, almost anyone can recreate a similarly themed video.

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