DIY tech enthusiast makes T-shirt that allows you to play Tetris


In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Tetris, DIY techie¬†Marc Kerger made a T-shirt that allows you to shift, rotate, and drop those classic blocks for a full game of Tetris on-the-go, provided the wearer isn’t all that ticklish.

Using 128 LEDs, an Arduino controller, and 4 AA batteries, Marc Kerger’s interactive T-shirt was a recent feature on The Creators Project, a website developed in joint partnership with Vice and Intel that showcases “the infinite possibilities presented by the advancement of modern technology.”

Although Kerger’s creation is meant for amusement and fun, it’s also an example of the creative potential of wearable-technology, which promises not only to enhance our experience with the world around us, but also to enable products that inspire our imagination.

OK, so after watching Kerger play his game of T-shirt Tetris, I’m ready for a next-gen T-shirt that allows you to play a game of ¬†Far Cry 4. Suggestions, anyone?


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