Land Airbus to revolutionize highway travel in China


On July 25th a man sitting on the edge of a southern California freeway overpass brought the entire region’s freeway system to a complete stand still for several hours until authorities were finally able to diffuse the situation. Setting aside the fact that traffic in California, and around much of the developed world, is already notorious for polluting the environment and frustrating millions of people needlessly idling in their cars, the incident involving the man also highlights how fragile the freeway system is to sudden gridlock. It’s time engineers and nations invest in something more efficient.

Fortunately, engineering firm TBS China is gaining attention for their “Land Airbus” concept transportation system. Designed to hover over existing traffic lanes, the Land Airbus is hoping to alleviate traffic by revolutionizing highway travel.

With each carriage capable of carrying 300 passengers, the Airbus can operate even when traffic is at a standstill, offering passengers spacious accommodations to either work, read a book, or take in the passing view. For the sake of our sanity and our planet, let’s hope this becomes reality soon.

Via Industry Tap

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