LEGO debuts Dark Knight Tumbler at San Diego Comic-Con


Allow me to preface why I’m upset, no, make that really upset.

When I was a kid, I had buckets of LEGOs at my disposal, an assortment of themed pieces that allowed me to construct an inexhaustible mishmash of castles, farms, and spaceships. Ah, the memories…until now.


When I look at the array of products LEGO now markets to kids, I’m only reminded of how deprived I was then. Case in point, LEGO’s recent debut of its version of Christopher Nolan’s modern day Batmobile, the Tumbler. Allow the word “genius” to register in your mind in a descending, two-tone operatic note.


It’s more than apparent that LEGO has done justice to its mock up of the armored vehicle featured in the Dark Knight trilogy. At 19 inches tall and 9 inches wide, the LEGO Tumbler offers a decent-sized toy that will instantly elevate any child in grade-school to the status of rock star. Other features include an exquisitely detailed interior, a testosterone-approved armored exterior, adjustable wings, and oversized rubber-tread tires for the off-road trucker in you.


Although my childhood is long gone, one benefit to being an adult is having the money (or credit) to burn, which parents everywhere will need plenty of because LEGO’s Tumbler will set you back US $199.



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