New sequel hopes to revitalize the Mad Max franchise


Australian producer George Miller directed and wrote the original post-apocalyptic action film Mad Max starring Mel Gibson. Released in 1979, Mad Max was an instant hit that went on to enjoy two additional sequels, Mad Max 2 and the largely panned¬†Mad Max Beyond Thunder Storm. Fans of the original version can remember Mel Gibson’s understated performance as Max Rockatansky, a jaded police officer who seeks revenge after the loss of his wife and son to a ruthless motorcycle gang. Full of haunting desert landscapes and epic 1980s stare-downs with plenty of spikes, chains, and off-road vehicles spitting dust and spewing coal, Mad Max endures as a cult classic that explores themes that sadly, increasingly resonate today.

After nearly three decades, Mad Max finally returns with a fourth installment co-written and produced by George Miller called Mad Max: Fury Road.  As you can see, the trailer promises a film with plenty of action, angst, and death.


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