Meet Taranis, the Celtic drone god of the skies


Global defense, security and aerospace behemoth, BAE Systems Inc. has been getting a lot of attention for its latest drone demonstrator, the Taranis, named after the Celtic god of thunder.

The Taranis is not only impressive to behold, with its sleek aerodynamic design, but also comes with several revolutionary features that truly sets it apart from the rest.  The product of one-and-a-half-million man hours of work and in collaboration with 250 different UK companies, the Taranis’ most notable innovation is the removal of the air data boom that can be found on the nose of most aircraft. Responsible for “providing air pressure, temperature, and airflow direction data to data acquisition and air data computers for the computation of aircraft orientation, airspeed, altitude, and related information,” the air data boom is also what makes most planes detectable on radar.  By removing the air data boom and uniquely incorporating it elsewhere, the true secret behind BAE Systems Inc.’s engineering, the Tiranis is nearly undetectable to radar, even boasting a new communications system that is also configured to ensure near invisibility.


Conrad Banks, Rolls-Royce Chief Engineer – Research and Technology, Defence, states: “Successful propulsion integration was another key highlight of the second trial phase, with the fully embedded and ‘hidden’ Adour Mk951 engine operating flawlessly coupled with the highly complex and stealthy exhaust system.”


Via BAE Systems Inc.

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