Will immersive productivity pods someday replace working in an office?


Let’s face it, with all the communication tools and electronic devices needed to work remotely from home readily available, the time has come for most companies to allow their employees to work (barring more specialized fields that do require face-to-face contact and collaboration) from the comfort of their own homes.

With cloud-based programs in abundance, the benefits to be had for a company’s bottom line, the environment and worker productivity are significant.

And with smog-choked highways congesting urban cities around the world, why add to the needless hours commuters have to spend fighting traffic driving to and from work when all the tools of productivity are sitting right at home? From polluting the air, prematurely aging cars, to harming the health of people- which in turn increases the costs of healthcare – this business of driving to work is quite the multiplier of negative consequences.

Ok, so not everyone has access to certain technologies and a high-speed internet connection, but companies would still save money even if they had to invest money in supplying their employees with the electronics they need to work from home.

Which brings us to the next generation of self-contained computer work environments.

No doubt, companies will not fork out $21,500 per employee for MWE Lab‘s latest work environment module, the Emperor LX. Although targeted for hard-core gamers and specialized fields, subsequent versions will be cost efficient with wider consumer appeal (or how about relying on a humbler home office set-up? Nah).


The Emperor LX is full of features designed to enhance comfort and productivity. With a characteristic scorpion design made out of a highly stable steel structure, the Emperor LX offers tilting capabilities, several points for adjustment, integrated 5.1 audio system, LED lighting, and an ionic air filtering system. Best of all, the LX’s components and features, in addition to the three computer monitors (sold separately) that can be mounted in front of you, are touchscreen controlled.  


If the price-point for the LX is a bit too much, MWE Lab also offers a more affordable version, the Emperor 1510, for $5,995.

So, dear readers, any suggestions on how best to convince my boss to purchase one of these for me?


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