Air Force pilot films stunning first person view of flight over Greenland


Recently, Danish Air Force pilot John Kristensen used a GoPro camera to film his flight in a F-16 Fighting Falcon over Greenland. The video provides views of the entire arch of his flight from take-off to landing. In the video, we can see Kristensen jet past snow-covered plains, icebergs, glacier dotted expanses of ocean, and narrow inlets. We can also see Kristensen flying in formation alongside other pilots who are members of the Fighter Wing Skrydstrup.

All of these images prove flying a jet is a thrilling mix of speed, sight, and sound that’s not for the faint of heart. Although the footage Kristensen provides is scenic and peaceful in nature, we can only imagine what his experience was like flying over enemy territory. Between 2002 and 2003, Kristensen flew several missions in Afghanistan.

For any aspiring pilot, Kristensen’s video offers a perfect glimpse into what flying a jet looks like, minus the sensation of G Force.

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