Barnes & Noble introduces the Samsung Nook tablet


In the ongoing fight between Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the Nook came out swinging in the tenth round, rejuvenated by a new partnership with Samsung.

Earlier this morning, Barnes & Noble CEO Mike Huseby unveiled their new Nook tablet at their flagship store in New York. The Samsung Galaxy 4 Nook is a seven inch HD tablet that in every way looks like the sleek and stylish Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, but with a Nook branded interface. It comes equipped with 8GB of memory, a memory card expansion slot (up to 32GB), front and rear facing cameras, and, unlike the Kindle Fire, a full version of the Android operating system, allowing the user to access the Google Play Store and the Android App store. The Samsung Galaxy 4 Nook makes the Kindle Fire look like a cheap toy and with the inclusion of a full version of the Android operating system, there is no comparison.


The Nook goes on sale today for $179.00 after a $20 rebate, which is the same price as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Barnes & Noble is offering $200 in free content with your purchase, which is a great incentive for any new customer. Although it is not clear if there are limitations in what can be purchased with that offer, the free content alone pays for the device.

With this announcement, Barnes & Noble’s new tablet is aimed directly at Amazon. Lately, Amazon has been getting a lot of flack from publishers, authors, and multi media companies like Disney for unfair practices. If this negative publicity continues, many readers may want to jump ship and deal with one of the few reputable big-box book stores that remain. And despite Barnes & Noble’s intention to end their Nook business by 2015 (a decision they may reverse if the new Nook is a great success), whoever takes over will continue to be in direct competition with Amazon’s Kindle business.

After the recently announced and critically panned Fire Phone flop from Amazon, they better come up with something new to wow their customers. With a full version of Android, The Samsung Galaxy 4 Nook will allow the Kindle loyalists an opportunity to switch devices and experience a better product for a decent price. With a full version of Android, a new Nook customer can download the Kindle app and experience all of their past Kindle purchases as well as move on to the Nook experience. With the $200 in free content that is being offered with a purchase of a Samsung Galaxy 4 Nook, this will likely entice many to make that change.

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