Mercedes-Benz unveils the armored S Class


The Mercedes S Class is a serious piece of machinery. A luxury sedan equipped with top-grade automotive technology, it’s difficult to imagine how this car can be topped. But German engineering knows no bounds, and the gear heads at Mercedes have taken this formidable vehicle and transformed it into a sleek, irresistible monster.

They took the S Class and armored it from top to bottom.

Medieval castles had less protection than this bad boy. Mercedes has stripped the interior from the S Class sedan and installed dense steel plates throughout the cabin. The doors are reinforced and the windows are made from ballistic glass. It’s built to withstand gunfire and explosives fired from any angle.


The S Class also represents the German manufacturer’s desire to fuse comfort with progress. The car’s suspension is reinforced to compensate for the extra weight and the brake disks, calipers, and pads have been retrofitted to ensure a smooth ride. On the other hand, the interior is all class: leather seats, quality stitching, and a rear station office space for all those on-the-road memos.  The price hasn’t been announced, but the standard S class starts around $95,000.


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