Personal nicotine vaporizers and the rise of vaporized booze


Lately, the evening news is filled with stories about the latest innovation in getting high or intoxicated. Two of the more novel methods preferred among college scholars are butt-chugging and eye shots. The former is a method of ingesting alcohol through one’s rectum with the intent of increasing the effects and speed of intoxication. The other method involves pouring a shot of alcohol (typically vodka) into one’s eye. Both methods are dangerous for different reasons. Butt-chugging can lead to alcohol poisoning and eye shots can make you go blind. Unfortunately, few realize that enjoying the process of intoxication the good old fashioned way, drinking, not only still leads to intoxication (not that we condone such a practice) but also the experience of being a mature drinker who looks forward to enjoying the taste and ambiance that comes with sharing a nice glass of bourbon.

Personal nicotine vaporizers are yet another trend consuming the young lungs of millennials everywhere, and one that offers a high tech experience in getting buzzed. It is reported in Vaporized: E-Cigarettes, Advertising, and Youth by Legacy that “14% of those ages 13-17 and 39% of those ages 18-21 [are]reporting having used e-cigarettes.”

With e-cigarettes being advertised to teenagers as aggressively as traditional tobacco was in its heyday, and with a focus on the coolness of alternative drug delivery methods via technology, it really comes as no surprise that the youth of today are being dragged into the dangers of addiction with devices like e-cigarettes and, soon enough, Vapshots.


Much like the rising e-cigarette business, alcohol companies are now trying to capitalize on the trend of youthful experimentation by using technology to help individuals avoid all of the unpleasantness of traditional drinking. With Vapshot, you can inhale a vaporized shot of liquor instead of learning how to enjoy the burn. While inhaling vaporized alcohol has been around for a while, only recently has this trend caught on with the public.

A mature alcohol drinker usually wants the full experience: the smell, the taste, the burn, the relaxation, and the slow change in mood. It is a process that is best savored and enjoyed. The idea of taking a quick vapor shot of vodka sounds boring, immature and somehow more dangerous. Have no doubt, like butt-chugging and eye shots, this product is going to become a problem.



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    I thought most of this stuff were outlawed in the states, are they legal elsewhere? Can you expand some more? How are these things rising, really? It doesn’t seem like E-cigs in that regard, so I can’t see how it expands like them. Respond if you have time, I enjoyed the article 🙂