Survival horror game ‘Dying Light’ promises plenty of creative mayhem


Developed by Polish video game developer Techland, Dying Light is a first person survival horror game set in an open world environment where you and three other players must work together against marauding hordes of infected enemies. During the day your team must gather the necessary supplies they’ll need in order to plan a strategic defense for the coming night, when the gameplay takes on a more vicious tone of survival. The game is set for release in February 2015 and will be available for the PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PCs.

Dying Light focuses on melee combat to take on the infected population. Techland borrows another important element from their previous and widely popular survival game, Dead Island, by allowing players the ability to forge new weapons.


Dying Light’s landscape is full of eerie decrepit fun

Early playable demos of Dying Light show players joining forces during the game’s daylight hours to set traps, gather supplies and complete missions in preparation for the night. During daylight hours the infected are slower and easier to avoid, allowing your character to climb buildings and structures not unlike the gameplay mechanics found in the Assassins Creed series.

Techland is also introducing an exciting new gameplay mechanic that allows characters the ability to climb up walls without the need for ladders, greatly adding to the excitement of the game.

Night cycle of Dying Light

Night cycle of Dying Light

At night, the infected become more powerful and are able to sprint and climb buildings while chasing your character. They also have increased strength that will really test the strategy you devised during the day.

The abilities of your character also expand during the night to include a sneak attack. By entering into a ‘Night Sense’ mode your character can take down the infected without being noticed. If a player is spotted, however, hordes of infected are alerted to the area leaving the player to either run for safety or attempt a brazen ground defense. 

The infected become more powerful as day cycles to night.

An infected enemy stalks and lunges in the night

Infected enemies come in all shapes and size, and are also equipped with a variety of specialties to keep them from becoming repetitive. One of the more ravenous enemies to appear at night is a stronger, menacing infected enemy who pins you to the ground while opening its jaws in a snake like fashion to devour your character.

From what we’ve seen, Dying Light is preparing to set itself apart from many other survival horror games with its innovative features and stunning visuals.

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