Tech Gen Mag Video Podcast, Episode 2 – The Yeti


Host Kristian Markus dives headfirst into the world of video podcasting with his review of Blue’s Ultimate USB Microphone, the Yeti.

Pros: Exceptional audio recording for a crisp, clean sound. Four convenient modes offering omnidirectional, bidirectional, cardioid, and stereo that meets the needs of almost anyone looking for a professional grade USB microphone.

Cons: Wobbly gain and volume control buttons and underwhelming design

Final Thoughts: If you are looking to purchase a serious USB microphone, then look no further as the Yeti is sure to please even the most seasoned broadcasting professional.

About Author

Kristian strives to enlighten and entertain readers. In addition to his teaching and editorial responsibilities, he is working on a science-fiction novel that promises not to include exoskeleton suits and anemic aliens floating in mysterious vats of green-tinted goop.

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