The Navdy heads-up display interacts with your smartphone while you drive


There are rumors that Jaguar is developing a new Virtual Windscreen to provide drivers with an interactive augmented reality experience for their latest Land Rover concept car. The current version seems to be developed for a race car experience, so it is not particularly useful for the everyday driver. However, the idea of racing an uploaded ghost car or following guide lines along the road, indicating when to break during a treacherous turn, is all very cool. The most interesting part of the concept is simply the act of placing a heads-up display against the driver’s line of site, allowing a new level of interaction between the driver and their car.


There is a new product called Navdy that simulates this experience in similar ways. Navdy brings a Google Glass like experience to your dashboard. It connects to your phone via bluetooth and uses various apps to deliver information that is important to you while you are driving. The heads-up display can give you directions, receive phone calls, dictate text messages and emails with many more features to come. The differences between Navdy and the Jaguar Virtual Windscreen concept are many. Still, Navdy seems more useful to everyday drivers and it can be preordered for $299, while the HUD for Jaguar is in the early phase of development and will eventually require you to purchase a new car if it is ever released.  At the very least, products like the Navdy will inspire new and safer ways to interact with smartphones while driving. Hopefully, similar products will be available in the near future at competitive prices.


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