Windowless jet hints at a future when everything will be interfaced


One of the hottest news stories trending on the web is the Ixion windowless jet, a concept plane drafted by Technicon Design that recently won the International Yacht & Aviation award for pushing the boundaries of aviation design.

As can be seen in the featured video below, the Ixion concept jet presents a bold look into the future of air travel. Instead of windows, the interior of the Ixion features flexible screens that provide real-time panoramic views of the outside world thanks to fuselage and wing mounted cameras.

Even more impressive are the amenities passengers will be able to enjoy on such a plane. From in-flight video conferencing, gesture driven controls, and adjustable interior ambient visuals to multiple displays on a single screen, passenger tracking and a personal avatar ready to respond to your every whim and wish, the Ixion hopes to revolutionize the experience of air travel.

Although the Ixion only exists on paper, the flexible screen technology it hopes to use is based on technologies that are currently in existence and not too far from mass market availability (check out our previous articles on LG’s flexible OLED display and the Navdy interactive heads-up display).

Taken further, it’s not difficult to foresee a world where almost everything you experience visually is filtered through an interactive interface. If engineers are now considering a windowless plane, then why not windowless vehicles and public transportation systems? This could even be applied to submarines, deep sea exploration vessels, and space craft, providing unprecedented views of environments that until now could only be seen at best through small, reinforced windows and screens.

Although detractors might lament a world where simply walking out the door to enjoy the scenery without an intrusive interface signaling every feature in your field of vision will no longer be the norm, the interactive experience we’ll be afforded with such technology will enhance (or hopelessly overwhelm) our lives in ways we can only begin to imagine. The closest example that comes to mind is the Ghost in the Shell series in which humanoids interacting with the world around them through any number of visual interfaces is commonplace.

No doubt, the way we interact with the world is about to change in a variety of dramatic and unexpected ways. 

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