The EleMMent Palazzo is the world’s most expensive RV


If you’re an RV enthusiast and you’ve got $3 million to spare, then look no further than the EleMMent Palazzo, the world’s most luxurious and expensive mobile RV.

Unfortunately, the exterior design of this RV is hardly appealing. With its circular windshield, frowning grill, and hulking body, the EleMMent looks more like a failed Dr. Moreau experiment than the sleek aerodynamic aesthetic favored by many high-end vehicles. But hey, for the driver, it’s all about the comfort inside, and in that category, this cross between a grazing buffalo and a deep sea creature does not disappoint.

This 40 ft double decker RV offers plenty of living space at 430 square feet with an extended interior. It can also reach a top speed of 93 mph thanks to a 510 bhp diesel engine.


The EleMMent Palazzo’s cockpit would make even Captain T. Kirk giddy with excitement. With a wireless command center that controls the RV’s temperature and security cameras, the entire perimeter of the RV is in full view. And with fully rotating, leather-bound chairs, it’s easy to imagine a riding experience so full of comfort you’d never want to leave.


The master suite comes with an in-room bath and a rainfall shower that befits any royal seeking the best accommodations money can buy.


The living room area has enough space for two flat screen TVs, a full bar, and a fireplace for those cold drives during winter.


My personal favorite is the retractable skydeck with heated floors, taking partying on the road to a whole new level. Just don’t forget to invite me if you’re one of the lucky ones with cash to burn.

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