The ARRI Alexa 65 camera is a filmmaker’s dream come true


As industry competitors race to achieve 4K video technology, ARRI, the world’s largest manufacturer of motion picture equipment, speeds to the finish line with their latest product, the impressive Alexa 6.5K camera.

The Alexa 65 features a brand new sensor developed by ARRI that is three times bigger than Super 35. The camera is comprised of three Alexa sensors that are vertically arranged and seamlessly stitched together. It is slightly larger than a 65mm 5-perf film frame and the body is similar in length to the original Alexa, though with a wider body to accommodate the larger sensor.


Pictured above are the rehoused Hassalblad lenses, which were launched as an integral part of the Alexa 65 system as a way to cover the gigantic sensor. They represent a range of high-performance 65 mm prime and zoom lenses.

Given the ARRI Alexa’s specs and power, the camera is meant for a niche market, and is available only as a rental through ARRI’s website. The overall performance and cost efficiency makes the camera a shoo-in for high-profile productions. It allows filmmakers to utilize the scale of the large capture format for complex VFX sequences or breathtaking, establishing shots.


Amazingly, the camera is both durable, flexible, and compact. It can be operated by hand while running down busy streets or stairs and can withstand use in a variety of challenging weather conditions. For those with cash to burn, the new ARRI Alexa camera is one of the best options for film production, both in terms of performance and flexibility of use.

With the rapid growth of film technology, many photographers are now pulling images from motion footage. As the equipment becomes more accessible and affordable, cameras like the ARRI Alexa also stand to influence the creative future of photography.

Image source: EOSHD

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