Daredevil biker backflips over flying plane


Across a remote airstrip in the North West bushveld of South Africa, FMX biker Nick de Wit executed a perfectly timed backflip over a flying aircraft in September 2013.

DellglenThe stunt took approximately two years of meticulous planning, and involved countless attempts to ensure accuracy and safety. The pilot responsible for flying the plane while de Wit hurtled in daredevil style above it is none other than Dell Glen, winner of eight South African titles and a career that culminated in 2004 when the experienced pilot won the Advanced World Aerobatic Championship. Tragically, Dell Glen died only five weeks after the September stunt in an accident at a Secunda airshow on October 12, 2013 at the age of 51.

Dell Glen enjoyed a career that spanned 30 years, logging in more than 25,000 hours of flight time that included experience with more than 250 different types of aircraft. Glen was also one of the most famous pilots in South Africa known for his gravity defying aerial maneuvers.


Although Dell Glen’s life was cut prematurely short, this video and his legacy as an accomplished pilot will surely live on forever.

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