‘Doctor Who’ inspired game teaches kids computer programming


The BBC has announced the release of a new online game entitled The Doctor and The Dalek, which is based on the hit TV series Doctor Who. The game is designed to introduce children to basic computer programming as they guide the Doctor along a brand new adventure. The game is voiced by the sci-fi show’s star, Peter Capaldi, and is written by Wizards vs. Alien writer, Phil Ford.

Puzzles featured in the game are linked to the U.K.’s computer curriculum and are meant to help children learn core programming principles. These learning elements are seamlessly woven into the gameplay and story so that it is both intuitive and fun for children to play. The game’s release is part of the BBC’s ‘Make It Digital’ initiative that’s focused on inspiring children to get creative with digital technology, coding and programming. In a world where skills related to all facets of computing are growing in importance everyday, such programs are vital to educating kids and providing them with the resources they’ll need to succeed in the modern world.

The game also seeks to aid teachers and parents. Resources accompanying the game will be made available at bbc.co.uk/schoolscomputing that educators and children alike can use to help maximize their teaching and learning experience. These resources will provide access to additional resources available from the BBC and from other third party developers.

Danny Cohen, BBC Director of Television, said, “The Doctor and the Dalek is a brand new Doctor Who story and a fantastic game, voiced by the wonderful Peter Capaldi. It’s an excellent example of how a hugely popular BBC show can give fans something extra, whilst also introducing wider audiences to increasingly important skills, such as coding and programming.”

The Doctor and the Dalek was commissioned by BBC Learning and developed and produced by BBC Wales and Somethin’ Else in association with BBC Future Media.

The game will be available for free starting Wednesday at bbc.co.uk/cbbc.


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