Is it time for Nintendo to throw in the towel?


To some, bashing Nintendo borders on sacrilege. After all, Nintendo is responsible for the most recognizable and enduring game franchises of all time. Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda, Smash Brothers; their first party titles rake in the Nintendo faithful every time. But when it comes to the console war, Nintendo has long been the kid brother trying to catch up with the big boys.

The first sign of trouble was way back during the release of the Gamecube. Microsoft’s Xbox had justnintendo-gamecube entered the gaming arena boasting impressive specs, and Sony’s Playstation console had been dominating the market for some time with exclusive titles and backwards compatibility further boosting its game line up. Meanwhile, Gamecube hobbled in with mediocre specs, mini discs, and a built in carrying handle. While the other two could play DVDs, you couldn’t even fit one inside the Gamecube.

Then the Wii came out, distinguishing itself by being the only non-HD console, its nunchucks quickly turning every game into a novel gimmick that nonetheless captured the imagination of an entirely new generation of players. Fast froward to today, and Nintendo’s Wii U doubled down on the pad controller, which did little to sway fans (I’ll admit to one amazing night of Luigi’s Ghost Mansion in Nintendo Land. Other than that it’s gathering dust).

NintendomashupNow imagine a world where the Wii never came out in the first place. Where Sony and Microsoft fans all had access to Nintendo’s flagship titles on their preferred consoles.

Nintendo could potentially double game sales, reaching gamers that would have never shelled out for a Wii U. Microsoft and Sony can add some serious hits to their line up, and just think of the cross overs and partnerships that would become possible! Master Chief appearing in Smash brothers on Xbox? Ratchet and Clank in Mario Kart on Playstation? It’d be a beautiful thing.

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    LOL it wasn’t mini disc it was mini DVD, mini disc is something else, and no it hadn’t mediocre specs, in some segments it was more powerfule than xbox, like graphic chip, just look at Starfox Adventures and Zelda Twilight Princess, what a lame article & writer


    He kinda left out the fact that the wii sold more than any console in that generation… hd or not, essentially everyone had a wii, and nintendo had money in their pockets.


    It’d be a beautiful thing eh? Take off the biased glasses for a second and examine “playstation allstar battle royal”. Everything on ps3 and ps4 seems so sterile, they’d take the recipe and ride it til it crashed and burned. Microsoft is afraid/doesn’t trust its consumers. So what you’re saying is near impossible given both company’s track record. Funny enough, if Sega re-entered the hardware business, I’m sure a good chunk of gamers would rather nintendo support them instead.


    What a horrible story. Nintendo doesn’t need to go third party. They May be in a recession right now but if any company can make a comeback right now, it’s Nintendo. I hate these articles just about doom and gloom and “go third party” for Nintendo.


    Dude, Nintendo isn’t going Sega anytime soon. Absolutely none of the “problems” Nintendo or it’s Wii U will throw them out of the console race. That isn’t how they play, no pun intended.

    Besides, at least Nintendo is trying to be new. Other than “X Box on!”, it’s just the same thing with shiny graphics. I’d rather buy a $300 Nintendo console than a $400 Microsoft or Sony cable box.

    Oh yeah, The Legend of Zelda. Enough said.


    God, what an awful article and opinion. I’m glad you are not in charge of anything important, so are millions of Nintendo fans. Nintendo isn’t going anywhere. They have been around for well over one hundred years at this point and their hardware is the best on the market, especially when it comes to quality and dependability.